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Window coverings affect how a room looks, feels, and functions. Whether you’re preparing a nursery for a newborn or updating your teen’s room to suit their tastes, window treatments are an important feature in any kids’ room.

Most kids’ rooms need to serve multiple functions. While adults generally only use their bedrooms at night, kids often need their rooms for sleep, school work, play, and socializing with friends. You also want to make sure your kids are always safe in their rooms.

At Portland Window Coverings, we have an extensive collection of child-safe window treatments to meet your family’s needs. Here’s how to choose the perfect solutions for your little one!

Special considerations for nurseries and kids’ rooms

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when selecting window treatments for your little one’s room:

  • Safety: Safe operation is the number-one priority for window coverings in nurseries and kids’ rooms; in general, cordless options are your best bet.
  • Convenience: Ease of use is an important factor, both for older children and new parents who may need to close the blinds and rock their babies at the same time.
  • Stain-resistance: Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean materials are ideal for the inevitable chaos of kids’ rooms.
  • Creativity: Most kids like to fill their rooms with fun colors, textures, and patterns that stimulate their imaginations.
  • Adaptability: Window treatments that allow you to customize the amount of light filtration are great for daytime naps and early bedtimes.

Tips for choosing window treatments for kids’ rooms

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Prioritize safety with cordless blinds and shades

Safety is the number one concern for any parent. Every child should be safe and secure in their room. Long hanging cords can be a potential safety hazard, especially for younger children. Opting for cordless designs like pull-down blinds or motorized shades will ensure safer operation for your child’s room.

If you prefer to stay away from cordless options, some effective mechanisms will make cord operation much safer and prevent entanglement, including:

  • Wand control
  • Wand and cord combination
  • Cord tensioner

Choose a stain-resistant material

Durability is an important consideration when it comes to choosing window treatments for kids’ rooms. While you may love the soft, elegant look of Roman shades made from delicate, luxurious fabrics, it’s probably best to reserve those for other rooms.

In general, the most durable and stain-resistant blinds and shutters are made from vinyl or faux wood. You could also consider woven shades, depending on the material and location of your windows.

Consider room-darkening and blackout shades for better sleep

Adequate sleep is important at any age. But infants and small children especially need enough sleep to stay happy and healthy (and keep their parents sane!). It’s particularly difficult to set a consistent schedule with your child when the sun is streaming in through transparent window coverings, disrupting their much-needed sleep.

Fortunately, room-darkening window coverings can be a life-changing solution for those early mornings and afternoon naps when the bright sun may be keeping your precious one awake. Blackout shades and curtains can completely block out light!

Opt for smart blinds and set a routine

For parents with infants or toddlers, smart blinds can be a lifesaver. They allow you to control your blinds with a remote control, app, or voice. You can also set a schedule so your kids’ blinds will automatically close each day when their bedtime rolls around.

At Portland Window Coverings, our smart blinds are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri Apple HomeKit, and other popular smart devices.

Get creative with color and texture

Every child is unique, but most young kids thrive in visually stimulating and vibrant environments. While it’s a good idea to choose a treatment your child can enjoy for years to come, they don’t have to be plain or boring.

Opting for playful colors, dynamic textures, and appealing designs can help boost your child’s creativity and improve their mood.

Layer different window treatments for adaptability

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one option. Your child’s needs, preferences, and schedule are likely to change over the years, so it can be helpful to make sure their window coverings can adapt.

Layering multiple types of window treatments – for example, shutters and curtains – doesn’t just allow you to control light more effectively. It also means you can play around with different combinations of colors, textures, and patterns.

Maximize safety, creativity, and durability with our child-friendly window treatments!

At Portland Window Coverings, we’re all about options and personalization. Our extensive collections of shades, shutters, blinds, curtains, and more empower you to choose window coverings that suit your family’s style and needs.

Whether you’re adding window treatments to a new build, designing your nursery, updating your little one’s room, or planning another project, we’re here to help you maximize aesthetic and functional value.

Visit our showroom in Tigard or contact us today to get started picking out the perfect window coverings for your home! You can also call us at (503) 783-1838 to get your questions answered.