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Skylights are great. Besides letting in natural light, they enhance the environment in any room, making it more welcoming and appealing. However, because skylights sometimes allow in too much light and heat, they can make it difficult to feel comfortable during the summer. This is where skylight shades come in handy. 

At Portland Window Coverings, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers about skylight shades. If you have any queries that you’d like us to answer in person, or if you are interested in getting high-quality, tech-advanced skylight shades for your home, please call us at (503) 783-1838 — our experts will gladly assist you!


What is the best way to cover skylights?

Skylight shades are without a doubt, the best way to cover your skylights. They’re a simple, effective, and elegant solution for preventing unwanted light and heat from entering your home.

They’re very versatile, too. Skylight shades come in a variety of styles, materials, fabrics, and colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. At our Portland window coverings store, our Hunter Douglas skylight shades are customized to meet our customers’ unique needs!


Can skylight shades help me save on my energy bills?

Yes! Skylight Shades can help you save money on energy. 

By controlling the amount of heat that enters and escapes your home, Skylight Shades can help regulate the temperature of your space, preventing it from getting too cold during the winter or too hot during the summer. They can reduce the need for cooling systems such as air conditioning or fans during the summertime by insulating your home.


How do skylight shades work?

Skylight shades are installed in the skylight window frame. Shades are made of a material that lets light through but blocks heat. Motorized skylight shades include a remote control so you can open and close the shade at any time, day or night.


Will light pass through my skylight shade?

Skylight shades are designed to block light, but not entirely. Some light may still pass through your shade. At Portland Window Coverings, our team will assist you in choosing a window covering that will let in the perfect amount of light for your space.


How can I operate my skylight window covering?

There are 2 ways you can operate your skylight window covering: manually or automatically. If you choose the manual option, you can easily lift and lower your shade with a sky pole.

Motorized options are often more convenient because they allow for hands-free operation. At our Portland window coverings store, you can find Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades, which use the SkyLift™ skylight system

Some of our window coverings are even designed to work with Google, Amazon, and other automation systems, so you can control your shades just by using your voice!


Are skylight window coverings safe for kids and pets?

Yes! If you have kids and/or pets, we can recommend some child-safe options, like motorized shades. These shades are safe for kids and pets because they don’t have any cords they can get tangled up in. 


What are the benefits of skylight shades?

There are several benefits of skylight shades, including:

  • Skylight shades can help you control light and temperature in your space.
  • They enhance your home’s decor by offering a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.
  • They provide privacy. 
  • They block harmful UV rays, which may decrease fading and discoloration of furniture or other objects in your home. 
  • They increase energy efficiency by keeping your home warm during cold winters and cool during hot summers.

How should I care for my skylight shade?

At Portland Window Coverings, our team will provide you with some simple care instructions. Follow them to keep your skylight shades looking and working like new for many years!

Some tips for caring for your shades include:

  • Dust regularly — You should dust the entire surface of your shade on a regular basis, taking care not to damage any of the fabric. If there is any dirt buildup, use a soft cloth dampened with some water and gently wipe it away.
  • Vacuum carefully — A quick run-over with a vacuum every once in a while will help you keep your shade in great shape!

There are many advantages to using skylight shades

Skylight shades can help you control the natural light in your space and add a touch of elegance to your home. They’re perfect for people who want to add natural light without sacrificing privacy or energy efficiency. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered in this blog post, please visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about our different types of window treatments.

Want to cover one or more skylights in your home in the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient way possible? At Portland Window Coverings, we’ve got you covered! Get started by:

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