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You’re moving into a new, custom built, or remodeled home — congratulations! Finding the right window treatments for your new (and bare) windows might seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help!

When to buy window coverings for a new home

Have you ever moved into a new home before and forgot to think about window coverings? While bare windows may let in a lot of natural light during the day, they can also have a noticeable impact on: 

  • Your sleep – light can affect the body’s natural sleep cycle and lead to more restless sleep.
  • Sound pollution – from traffic or noisy neighbors. 
  • Home temperature – window coverings help control temperature and keep energy costs down by blocking heat from entering the home when it’s hot, and insulating heat already inside the home when it’s cold. 

Not only that, but window treatments are an easy way to add your own personal style to any room, and make a new space feel like home. That’s why we recommend starting your window covering search at least 4-6 weeks out from moving into your new home. 

When you work with our experienced team at Portland Window Coverings, we’ll meet with you to discuss all of your needs, and help you find the perfect solution for your new or remodeled home. Plus, we’ll handle all of the measuring and installation, so you have one less thing to worry about on move-in day.

How much should you plan to spend on window treatments?

Like many things you’ll buy for your new home, window coverings are an investment, and each home has its own unique needs. The best way to plan an accurate budget for window coverings is to reach out to our team of skilled specialists for a complimentary quote and consultation. 

We’ll take into account the number of windows in your new home, plus their size. We’ll also consider your preferred operation system, overall style, and color and fabric preferences. This might seem like a longer route, but it will provide you a more accurate expectation of the cost of your new window treatments.

Benefits to consider when purchasing blinds, shades, and curtains

Nantucket™ PowerView® Motorization

Window treatments might seem like a simple thing, but they can provide all kinds of benefits to you and your new or remodeled home! Let’s take a closer look. 

Increased energy efficiency

Did you know that about 30% of a home’s heating energy gets lost through the windows? We touched on it briefly above, but finding the right window coverings is an easy way to provide greater temperature control to your home, often decreasing energy costs. 

Not only do they help provide insulation in the cold winter months, but when drawn over windows in the spring and summer, can block light from entering a room and heating it up. 

In short, window coverings can help prevent your heater or A/C from working too hard, helping keep your home comfortable no matter the weather and lowering your utility bill. 

Important safety features

We’ve all seen blinds that come with the standard hanging cord that you pull to lift and lower. Many people don’t give these cords a second thought, but it’s important to know they can pose a real safety risk to children and pets. 

It can be very easy for children or pets to become entangled in these cords, making them a hazard for injury or choking. In fact, one study found that on average, almost two children per day ended up in the emergency room for window blind-related injuries. 

When it comes to choosing window coverings for your new home with pets or children, cordless window coverings are going to be your safest option. At Portland Window Coverings, we offer treatments that are: 

  • Cordless 
  • Motorized 
  • Made with wand control or cord tensioners

Contact us today to learn more. 

Smart home capabilities

You can do pretty much everything from your phone these days — including open and close your blinds!

Smart blinds are a great option for anyone who often forgets to close the blinds, has window coverings in hard-to-reach areas, or just wants the convenience of never having to worry about what’s happening with your windows.

Smart blinds with Powerview® Motorization are easily programmable and seamlessly integrated into your smart home system. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and Apple Home Kit.

Popular window covering styles for your new home

Designer Screen Shades with PowerView®  Motorization


Blinds are a great option for those looking to increase energy efficiency, have options for light control, add privacy, and more. Not only can you find blinds in virtually any color or style you want, but motorized blinds offer the added bonus home automation integration! Learn more about our custom window blinds


One of the great benefits you’ll find with custom window shades is their ability to control and diffuse natural light. Some of the other benefits? They come in a variety of styles, ranging from simple and timeless to sleek and modern. They are an easy way to add style and functionality to any room — and when you opt for Roman Shades or Blackout Shades, an easy way to increase your home’s energy efficiency! 


Whether you opt for curtains in combination with your other window treatments, or choose them as your main window covering, know you’ll have your pick of style options when you work with Portland Window Coverings. Choose from hundreds of different fabrics, colors, styles, and light filtration options and know that they can be custom designed to fit various window widths. Curtains are an easy way to add style to any room.

Get started today with Portland Window Coverings

We know moving into a new or remodeled home comes with a laundry list of difficult decisions and installation schedules. Our experienced team at Portland Window Coverings can help make at least one decision much easier! 

When you meet with our team virtually, in-home, or at our Tigard showroom, we’ll help you determine the best window treatment solution for you, and make installation a breeze.

Contact us today to learn more!