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Smart home technology is taking the world by storm. More and more people are welcoming automated systems into their homes and taking advantage of the security, functionality, time (and cost) saving benefits this technology provides. Are you one of them?

Home automation is not something reserved only for multi-million dollar houses. These systems are becoming more affordable and their operating features less complex. Today, anyone can take advantage of this cutting edge technology.

If you’re not quite sure what all the fuss is all about or if you have questions about how to implement this technology into your home, this post will help. We’ll explain some amazing uses for home automation systems and how you can take advantage of this technology, too.

Discover Our Favorite Use for Home Automation…
Smart Blinds & Window Coverings

Smart Home Automation

Just like the 90s Disney movie Smart House predicted, a fully-computerized home really is possible. A smart home system can be installed as the brains of your house, allowing most any day-to-day function to be automated.

Once implemented, your home technology will evaluate various pre-identified circumstances and respond accordingly. For instance, turning on your lights or opening your blinds. You can also operate your appliances remotely through a computer or mobile device.

Sound like something out of the future? In reality, home automation makes life today so convenient you may wonder how you went so long without it. Take a look at some of the most common ways people use smart home automation

  • Window CoveringsSmart blind systems can be programmed to close or open depending on the time of day, amount of light, or based on temperature.
  • Lighting – You can automate your lights to turn on or off based on a schedule, amount of light, or when it senses you arriving or leaving your house for the day.
  • Music & TV – Stream music throughout your entire home or just in certain rooms.
  • Appliances – Control various home home appliances like coffee pots, outdoor sprinklers, your garage door, and more. If it’s run by electricity, chances are you can automate it.

Keep in mind that you can combine all the above into a specific setting. For instance, you could program an “at home” mode to trigger when you get home from work, which could turn on the lights, open your blinds, and flip on your favorite music.

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Security and Surveillance

Perhaps the most important reason for using home automation technology is safety and security. Today’s home automation systems allow you to not only keep tabs on what’s happening in and around your house, they also integrate with sensors, sirens, keypads and locks.

  • Sensors – Set up sensors that alert you of certain behaviors. For instance, motion, water, smoke, breaking glass, and more.
  • Cameras and Video – Surveillance cameras and video allow you to monitor different areas of your home remotely from your phone or other device.
  • Pet Safety – Keep an eye on your pets while you’re not at home, or get notifications when your pets wander into off-limit areas of the house.
  • Baby Monitor – Use your home automation technology in place of a traditional baby monitor. Keep an eye on your baby while he or she is sleeping or when your child is playing in the other room.
  • Keypads and Door Locks – Keypad systems allow for keyless entry into your home and can be controlled remotely or alert you of forced entry. These locks can also be linked to cameras and include an intercom so you can know whos at your door, and can talk to the person through a speaker.
  • Home Alerts – You can automate your home to sound a siren if there’s an intrusion or other safety issue.

Thanks to your home automation technology, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your house and family is fully protected.

Communication Abilities

Connect your home to your phone and control your entire automation system remotely. Your phone can also allow you to communicate in some cool new ways, including:

  • Landline Integration – You can link your phone with your home phone line to monitor calls remotely.
  • Speaker Systems – Communicate to your family located in different parts of the house through your home automation system.
  • Door Intercoms – Answer the door through your phone and speak to visitors even when you’re not at home.

Comfort & Energy Savings

Your home’s temperature can now be completely automated to allow for maximum energy saving, comfort, and cleanliness. Functions like adjusting the thermostat, opening blinds, or closing windows can all be automated

  • Thermostat – Your thermostat can be set to automatically adjust based on time of day or controlled remotely. Your system can also detect patterns, heat preferences, and schedules and adjust your thermostat to ensure energy savings and your comfort.
  • Windows – Windows can be controlled remotely or automatically close when it starts to rain or get too cold.
  • BlindsPower blinds and drapes can be controlled remotely, set to adjust on a schedule, or when they detect direct sunlight.

Experience the Benefits of Smart Blinds and Home Technology

Smart window coverings are truly the future of window treatments. Not only do they look amazing and make your day-to-day life more convenient, they also work to manage the temperature in your home and can help save you money in energy bills.

At Portland Window Coverings, we have the largest selection of Hunter Douglas power blinds you’ll find anywhere in Portland. Our window designers will evaluate your home and help you choose the perfect power blind system to blend seamlessly into your home.